Laboratory oratory

November 2, 2005

Our fourth annual R&D salary survey goes beyond "what's in your wallet" to "what's on your mind."

By the time our November issue rolls off press, the Coatings World staff is usually recovering from autumn's busy travel schedule-including back-to-back ICE and NPCA annual meeting attendance-and from doing our regular issue and three live editions of the ICE Show Daily.

This year of course, there was no ICE Show. This event-even as it has changed over the years-always allowed us to see what raw materials and equipment providers are touting and to meet with paint chemists and those involved in the R&D efforts from companies large and small.

But while we did not get a chance to meet face-to-face at ICE, we've corresponded-to some extent-in cyberspace thanks to our R&D Salary Survey.

Once again, the number of respondents to our survey rose above those recorded in the previous year. It is from this laboratory oratory that we cull data on critical issues such as compensation, who gets bonuses, job security, workspace environments and what irks you the most at your job (it's internal politics, generally speaking). This helps us take the collective pulse of those driving today's coatings chemistry and provides you with a means to compare your thoughts and salary to your colleagues.

Results of our survey begin on page 24 in this issue. In addition, there is even more detailed data on the web. The online version of our salary survey-found only at our web site, www.coatingsworld.com-has further compensation data, such as differences by gender and employer (supplier versus paint maker) as well additional regional salary data not provided in our print edition.

Thanks to all of our recipients for taking part in our annual survey. If there is something new you would like us to poll our readers for next year (or cover in an upcoming issue), please let us know today. Make your voices be heard.