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Glasurit Paints Will

November 3, 2005

Glasurit Paints Will
Be Used To Coat Honda
Formula One Racing Cars
BASF Coatings’ Automotive Re­finish/Commercial Transport Co­atings Solutions unit and the BAR Honda Formula One team will continue their collaboration through a new contract that is valid until March 2007. BASF will supply its Glasurit brand paints to the Honda racing team. The BAR Honda Formula One team has been using paints from the Glasurit 22 and 55 Lines since 2003.
Andrew Moody, manager of the BAR Honda paint shop, points to the reasons for the cooperation. “We use the Glasurit 22 and 55 Lines to ensure that BAR Honda has a paint system that’s reliable, dries quickly, is extremely flexible and has excellent gloss properties at the same time. These factors make or break performance when it comes to the high demands of Formula One racing.”
Accoring to Moody, other important advantages of using Glasurit include the short drying times, the possibility to paint over the finish, the overall light weight of the primer and clearcoat, and the positive technical cooperation between the BAR Honda team and Glasurit.