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Dearator For Solvent-Free, Solventborne Coatings

November 3, 2005

Tego Coating & Ink Additives has introduced Tego Airex 940. Designed to eliminate micro and macro foam in flexible floor coatings and wood coatings, Tego Airex 940 is suitable for clear and pigmented epoxy, polyurethane and UV systems.
Pigmented floor coatings based on 2-pack polyurethane can be applied microbubble-free using Tego Airex 940. End uses include parking garages and warehouses or in flexible formulations for athletic surfaces. In addition, solvent-free epoxy floor coatings can be deaerated with this product. Tego Airex 940 prevents the development of micro and macro foam in clear nitrocellulose and 2-pack polyurethane varnishes and in pigmented wood coatings based on unsaturated polyester resins. Tego Airex 940, based on organic polymers and modified polysiloxane, is supplied 15% active in aromatic-free solvents. It is normally used at a level of 0.5-1.5% based on the total formulation, and is added during letdown. More info: Tego Coating & Ink Additives, (800) 446-1809; Web: www.additiweb.com.

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