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Euclid, Eliokem form joint market

December 7, 2005

The Euclid Chemical Company and Eliokem have formed a joint marketing campaign to strengthen awareness of Euclid’s long-standing commitment to green building initiative. Collaboration between the two companies will focus on promoting Aqua-Cure Vox and Super Aqua-Cure Vox, two of Euclid’s water-based, environmentally-friendly cure and seal products that are formulated with Eliokem’s proprietary Pliotec resin.
Euclid Chemical product manager, Jennifer Crisman explained how the initiative benefits the industry. “There’s more to properly curing and sealing concrete than just meeting ASTM standards,” said Crisman. “And there’s more to clean air than just EPA compliance in national and local markets. We’ve always been actively involved in the green building marketplace and have aggressively pursued the development of environmentally compliant products like Aqua-Cure Vox and Super Aqua-Cure Vox.” Both of these curing and sealing compounds are formulated with Pliotec, a high quality, high performance resin, supplied by Eliokem.
Aqua-Cure Vox and Super Aqua-Cure Vox are low-odor formulations and perform well on both interior and exterior concrete, and are suitable for use over new and old concrete. Both dry to a clear protective film that resists yellowing under exterior or ultraviolet exposure, and protects concrete surfaces against the effects of weathering.