Raw Materials & Equipment


May 12, 2006

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories
offers new Rheocal 3.0 software for use
with DV-II+Pro Viscometers and DV-III
Ultra Rheometers. Rheocal 3.0 features
test wizards that allow users to easily
and rapidly setup their ideal testing
program. Test wizards can be used to
setup a number of tests including time
to stop, which collects a number of
data points at one speed; time to
torque, which collects data until a target
torque is reached and temperature
profile, which collects data at several
different temperatures. The unit has a
new interface with menus, toolbar and
dockable control windows that can be
resized and moved to create a custom
display and a new plot component with
a second Y-axis for more plotting and
display options. More info: Brookfield
Engineering, (800) 628-8139; Web:
www.brookfieldengineering.com. CW