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Air Products offers PFOA-free addi

June 13, 2006

Air Products’ Airflex EF9100 emulsion and Dynol 607 surfactant are two key “fluoro-free” products helpful to formulators looking to solve the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) PFOA (perfluorooctanic acid) reduction program challenges. USEPA’s global stewardship program invites companies to reduce PFOA releases and its presence in products by 2010 and eliminate them by 2015. Air Products’ Performance Materials division provides alternative additives for manufacturers seeking to achieve the PFOA reduction milestones for a broad array of consumer product applications.
Airflex EF91 emulsion is an alternative to fluorochemicals used in grease-resistant packaging. It provides an environmentally-friendly alternative and exhibits all the key performance measures of fluorochemicals, with the added benefit of being a water-based polymer emulsion.
Dynol 607 surfactant is an alternative for fluorosurfactants for high performance coating applications. This waterborne Gemini surfactant is a low foam wetting agent that provides excellent equilibrium and dynamic surface tension performance, according to the company. More info: Air Products, (610) 481-6799, (800) 345-3148; Fax: (610) 481-4381; E-mail: prodinfo@airproducts.com; Web: www.airproducts.com.

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