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Arde Barinco offers improved

June 13, 2006

Arde Barinco, Inc. has redesigned its Arde Dispershear. The production model D-6000 Dispershear has incorporated a number of changes that significantly improve the cleanability and at the same time reduce long term maintenance costs. The powder feeder section has been completely re-designed. There is a quick disconnect bayonet style coupling to the drive shaft that allows the user to remove the feed auger with a quick turn of the wrist. The drive end of the Dispershear feeder is sealed allowing wet cleaning of the entire hopper. The auger has been shortened to avoid accumulation of powders directly above the wet mixing area. An auger steady bearing has been removed giving a much easier to clean and disassemble configuration. The dispersion chamber area has been moved 5” away from the motor drive face to prevent any accidental leakage of wet mixtures into the motor bearing area. More info: Arde Barinco, Inc., (201) 784-9880; Fax: (201) 784-9710; E-mail: abmixer@ardeinc.com; Web: www.abmixer.com.