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Cognis offers dsx 3800

August 14, 2006

Cognis offers DSX 3800 rheology modifier. Developed for use in aqueous paint, coating and adhesives, this rheology modifier contains no solvents for heavy metals. DSX 3800 is an associative polyurethane thickener that helps formulators to create water-based coatings offering high-quality high performance characteristics. DSX 3800 offers efficiency at high shear rates enabling flow and leveling, as well as a significant reduction of spatter in roller applications. It also improves the scrub resistance of coatings, binds pigments together and exhibits sag and UV-resistance. DSX 3800 is suitable for interior and exterior paint, as well as aqueous wood, industrial and parquet coatings and adhesives. More info: Cognis, +49 2173 4995 139; Web: www.cognis.com.

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