3M patents Latex paint

September 12, 2006

Patent No. U.S. 7,041,727 B2
3M Innovative Properties Company has obtained a patent for a latex paint composition comprising a polymer having interpolymerized units that comprise units derived from styrene, methyl styrene, vinyl, or combinations thereof and units derived from one or more acrylates, methacrylates, acrylonitrile, or combinations thereof, hiding pigment, non-cellulosic thickener, and at least about 0.05 weight per volume percent fluorochemical acrylic polymer additive selected from those represented by the following general formula:

Wherein: represents a bond in a polymer chain; R, R1 and R2 are each independently hydrogen or alkyl of one to four carbon atoms; R3 is at least one or more straight or branched alkyleneoxy groups, linked together and having two to six carbon atoms, or a straight or branched alkylene group having 12-20 carbon atoms; n is an integer from two to 10; and x, y and z are integers of at least one.