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George Toma Named Official Spokesperson for TurfAide

November 17, 2006

George Toma Named Official Spokesperson for TurfAide
George Toma, the official groundskeeper for every Super Bowl, has been named spokesperson for TurfAide advanced antimicrobial protection for synthetic turf systems.
“George’s extensive experience and reputation in the industry made him a natural fit to represent TurfAide,” said Coatings Specialist Group CEO, Craig Andrews. “With his intimate view of the industry, he is also acutely aware of the need for the protection TurfAide provides.”
TurfAide imparts an invisible layer of antimicrobial on synthetic turf systems that remains active 24/7. Powered by the ÆGIS Microbe Shield, TurfAide is effective against a broad spectrum of all known bacteria, mold, fungi and algae.
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