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Noveon offers copolymer for

November 17, 2006

Noveon offers copolymer for
variety of functional coatings
Carbobond 2862 copolymer from Noveon offers adhesion to a variety of printed substrates. Ideal for blister-pack and heat-sealed coating applications, Carbobond 2862 copolymer combines favorable properties from both solvent-based and water-polymer systems for added flexibility in a functional coating, according to the company. Highly flexible, Carbobond 2862 copolymer can seal both PET and PVC blisters. Its flexibility also makes it ideal for heat-seal laminating adhesive applications. In addition, it provides excellent printability and clean up characteristics. More info: Noveon, (216) 447-6148; Web: www.noveoncoatings.com.
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