Movie theaters, Navy Seals and coatings

By Tim Wright | April 3, 2007

Don't you hate it when you've gone out to watch a movie, have settled into your seat and as the lights dim, you are anxiously waiting for the show to begin with your popcorn and soda and from somewhere out of the darkness you are startled by…blip…blip…blip…blip……blip…blip…blip…blip.

A cell phone rings, echoing throughout the theater. I quote Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now, "The horror….the horror…"

Well, a coating solution may well be on the horizon. Recently, while scouring the web for new coatings technology information, I came across an interesting story. A U.S.-based company, EM-SEC Technologies, claims to have successfully tested its EM-SEC 2060 wireless-blocking paint. The new paint is designed for application as an interior surface coating to individual rooms or entire facilities to provide a secure "electromagnetic fortress," that prevents airborne hackers from intercepting signals.

The company has worked primarily with government and military customers for obvious reasons and has gathered some impressive validations from these groups. The company says that the coatings have been used by the Naval Surface Warfare Centre Crane Division, which tests technology for the Navy SEALS. In additon, the wireless-blocking paint is also approved as a TEMPEST countermeasure by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA).

While the coating system is currently beyond the realm of the regular consumer, EM-SEC hopes that the paint will eventually be useful in corporate offices, boardrooms, server and computer rooms and R&D labs or just about anywhere wireless intruders would not be welcome, like the movie theater.

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Tim Wright

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