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Dow Expands Versify line of

April 18, 2007

The Dow Chemical Company has introduced a number of new grades of Versify plastomers and elastomers, each designed to deliver performance and processing benefits to address specific market needs. Versify plastomers and elastomers are a highly versatile family of propylene-ethylene copolymers that offer performance benefits for converters, processors and formulators in films, sheet and molded parts. Versify 4000 and Versify 4200 plastomers are ideal for applications requiring easier flow such as injection molding and extrusion coating. These resins offer a unique combination of toughness, processability and modulus. Versify 2400 elastomer is well suited for extrusion and calendaring applications, as well as for thermoplastic elastomer applications. It can be formulated to bring a balance of flexibility, heat resistance, durability and optical properties for flexible TPO applications. Versify 3401 elastomer can be used for impact modification of polypropylene to make transparent goods by injection molding or thermoforming. More info: The Dow Chemical Co., (989) 832-1426, (800) 441-4369; Fax: (989) 832-1465; Web: www.dow.com.