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DuPont opens second office in

August 10, 2007

As a part of its continued growth strategy in emerging markets, DuPont has opened its second office in Russia. The Saint Petersburg office will focus specifically on the growing automotive industry in Russia. The opening follows significant expansions of the company’s offices in Moscow and Kiev in the Ukraine, and the launch of an office in Almaty, Kazakhstan.
“DuPont plans to focus on growth in the region’s most in-demand business segments. Offering state-of-the-art, high-efficiency solutions for the construction and automotive industries will allow DuPont to contribute substantially to the overall development of Russia’s northwest, as well as for the country’s industry in general,” said John Shmorhun, DuPont regional director for Eastern Europe.
Automotive manufacturers use DuPont materials and coatings extensively for a variety of vehicle interiors, exteriors and engine parts. The company’s offerings for the automotive industry include more than 100 products, with 30-40% being applicable to cars manufactured in Russia. In the near future, DuPont expects this ratio to increase to a provisional 70%, as Russian automotive manufacturers improve their vehicle quality.
The growth trend is equally true for the construction market. Since 2001, Russia’s central and northwestern territories have been reporting annual expansions of construction work volume, as well as growing numbers of completed new developments.