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September 20, 2007

DuPont Chemical Solutions Enterprise (DCSE), DuPont Titanium Technologies (DTT) and partner Beger Co., Ltd. recently launched Beger Shield Gloss Enamel Paint in Thailand. The new product is formulated with DuPont Teflon and DuPont Zonyl.
Beger is DuPont’s business partner for the research and development of high quality decorative paints. It is the first company licensed to use the Teflon brand for decorative paint. Beger Shield Gloss Enamel Paint is durable, glossy, easy-to-clean and suitable for both metal and concrete surfaces and is targeted to capture the super premium market segment.
“The partnership with DuPont has allowed us to differentiate ourselves in a highly competitive market,” said Vorawat Chaiyosburana, marketing manager, Beger Co.
“We work with Beger because Thailand is an emerging market for the decorative paint and coatings segment,” said Ruchiyran Tanakorn, sales manager, DCSE, DuPont Thailand.