Vapor Tech. patents Decorative and protective coating

September 20, 2007

Patent No. U.S. 7,179,546 B1
Vapor Technologies, Inc. has received a patent for an article having on at least a portion of its surface a multi-layer coating having the appearance of brass, nickel and stainless steel comprised of a base­coat layer; an oxide containing strike layer comprised of a refractory metal and a low percentage of refractory oxide rendering a nano-size refractory metal crystals or oriented refractory metal phase with the refractory oxide acting as precipitation hardening particles; a chrome layer intermediate the basecoat layer and the oxide strike layer; a stack layer comprised of alternative layers of refractory metal, substoichimetric refractory nitride and stoichiometric refractory nitride; an intermediate refractory oxide layer between the oxide strike layer and the stack layer; and a refractory nitride color layer.