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By Tim Wright | October 17, 2007

This issue of Coatings World explores various markets from a global perspective as well as offers detailed insights from several regional markets.

Inside you will find an in-depth exploration of the exterior architectural decorative coatings market. We spoke with a wide variety of paint makers from across the globe including Italy, Russia, Finland and India among others to see how issues including raw material costs, the slowdown in economic activity in mature markets, VOC regulations and consolidation are all affecting companies around the globe.

The automotive refinish market is also explored from a global perspective with some interesting figures provided by The Chemark Consulting Group. Market growth clearly lies in Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific regions while the market is level to slightly declining in the mature markets of North America and Western Europe. In emerging markets including China and Russia, as car sales continue to increase exponentially so does the subsequent need to repair cars-a trend that will continue moving ahead.

Speaking of emerging markets, India represents one of the fastest growing markets across the globe. In "The Indian Paint Industry," Coatings World contributing editor, Parthasarathy Devaraj takes us on a detailed exploration of this market that paint majors around the world continue to invest more dollars in.

Also, you will find an update on the latest white pigment technology from several suppliers as well as our annual directory of coatings additives suppliers.

We hope that with all these topics to choose from you will find something to quench your coatings palette. Please let us know what you think.

Tim Wright

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