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Henkel expands trial

January 16, 2008

After a successful trial, Henkel is participating in expanded testing of its new Bonderite conversion coating process in the Ford Motor Company Twin Cities manufacturing facility in St. Paul, MN. Henkel’s new Bonderite conversion coating process is the automotive industry’s first non-phosphate conversion coating for multi-metal bodies. The technology reduces costs, improves the efficiency of vehicle assembly pretreatment operations while reducing the environmental impact.
This new coating eliminates the problems associated with the conventional zinc-phosphate pretreatments. It eliminates pretreatment sludge, reduces landfill requirements and simplifies wastewater treatment. This Bonderite conversion coating is free of phosphate, VOC and CO2 equivalent emissions resulting in minimal environmental impact and is applied at room temperature reducing utilities and natural resource requirements. With this coating, the pretreatment footprint can be reduced 20-40% in a Brownfield site as well as in a Greenfield operation.
“We are excited to provide the automotive industry a new option for paint pretreatment that not only uses less energy, making it better for the environment, but lowers manufacturing costs and improves productivity by shortening the process,” said Dan Wohletz, vice president, automotive North America, Henkel. “We’re confident that this new Bonderite coating can streamline the paint pretreatment process to create the fastest, most efficient automotive body pretreatment application in the world.”