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By Tim Wright | July 14, 2008

In spite of the tedium involved with crunching numbers and flipping through one annual report after another to compile our Top Companies Report, it is probably the issue I look forward to most each year. It gives me a chance to really get to know the who's who in the industry and what's happening. Most months there just isn't enough time to delve deeply into this or that. That's the reality deadlines impose. Compiling the Top Companies Report on the other hand is like being forced into a room with someone and there's nothing else to do but find out everything you can about them.

Well, having been stuck in that room for the better part of a month, we're proud to present you with another edition of our Top Companies Report. As one of our most highly anticipated features among our readers, I hope you find this report to be a valuable asset throughout the year. Nowhere else will you find such a comprehensive gathering of information about the major paint and coatings manufacturers around the globe in one place.

Coatings World has been compiling its list of Top Companies since 1996 when we first began profiling the largest companies in our industry based on sales of paint, coatings, adhesives and sealants. However, this year's report is different from the previous years. In the past, all companies around the globe with sales greater than $100 million, when converted to U.S. dollars, were included in the report. This year we're trying something new. We've redesigned the layout for a fresher look and are featuring the Top 20 companies. We hope this gives a more focused and detailed look at the major players in the industry as opposed to a quick snapshot. The new low water mark for the print edition is $1 billion in sales. The online edition, which will be available throughout the year, will still feature those companies that fall between $100 million and $1 billion.

Thank you and as always I welcome your thoughts and suggestions.

Tim Wright

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