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Celanese launches EcoVAE

February 11, 2009

Celanese launches EcoVAE
Emulsions in Asia
Celanese Emulsion Polymers has introduced EcoVAE emulsions for low odor, low VOC interior decorative paints to the Asian region. This new line of products was created to meet the regulatory requirements for lower VOC limits and growing consumer demand worldwide for more environmentally friendly, low odor products. Emulsions designed for the interior decorative paint segment include EcoVAE 1601, a universal binder for matt and satin paint; EcoVAE 1608 to formulate freeze/thaw stable coatings; and EcoVAE 1630 for semi-gloss coatings. All EcoVAE emulsions are synthesized to be APEO-free and offer specific advantages for interior paint in wet scrub resistance. More info: Celanese, (972) 443-4000; Web: www.celanese.com.
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