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Gelest publishes cross-coupling

February 11, 2009

Gelest publishes cross-coupling
reagents brochure
Gelest has published a new 36-page brochure, “Silicon-Based Cross-Coupling Reagents.” The brochure provides a discussion of cross-coupling reactions, a recently introduced synthetic method for carbon-carbon bond formation. More than 100 references are cited, including key reviews on the formation of styrene, diene and enyne derivatives and Heck coupling/cross coupling cascade reaction sequences. The brochure describes the use of organosilianes in these cross-coupling reactions and provides a list of more than 100 products available from Gelest with information on their use for this application. The silicon-based products provide a non-toxic, easily-handled, economic alternative to tin and boron cross-coupling derivatives. A digital version of the brochure can be downloaded on the company’s web site. More info: Gelest Inc., (215) 547-1015; E-mail: info@gelest.com; Web: www.gelest.com.
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