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Shepherd Color launches Black

May 12, 2009

Shepherd Color Company has introduced a new chromium-free, high-temperature, FDA approved pigment, Black 20F944. Jet black in color, Black 20F944 is made with a non-chromium formulation and is generally used in demanding high-temperature applications where black color and the absence of chromium is required. It has exceptional hiding power and opacity, as well as excellent tinting strength, according to the company. With its high heat stability, it can be used in a variety of applications needing exceptional color durability such as frying pan coatings, barbeque grills, plastic cookware, oven coatings, automotive applications such as muffler/exhaust coatings and ceramics. More info: Shepherd Color Company, (513) 874-0714; Fax: (513) 874-5061; E-mail: salesusa@shepherdcolor.com; Web: www.shepherdcolor.com.