BASF patents

June 16, 2009

BASF patents
Transparent Coatings
Patent No. U.S. 7,416,781 B2
BASF Coatings has received a patent for an article comprised of a transparent coating, wherein the coating has a thickness of at least 30 μm, a relative elastic resilience to DIN 55676 of at least 70%, and a scratch resistance corresponding to a score of not more than two in a steel wool scratch test according to DIN 1041 after 10 double strokes; and wherein the coating is prepared from a coating material comprised of an aqueous dispersion with a pH of from 2 to 7 comprised of at least one swellable polymer and/or oligomer containing at least one functional group that is at least one of an anionic functional group, a potentially anionic functional group, and/or a nonionic hydrophilic functional group, surface-modified, cationically stabilized inorganic nanoparticles of at least one kind, and at least one amphiphile.