Additive Suppliers Directory

October 1, 2009

The following pages contain a directory of select additive suppliers and their products. For more details on the products listed in this guide, contact the companies directly.

Arch Chemicals, Inc.

Atlanta, GA
(800) 523-7391
Fax: (866) 705-0465
E-mail: sales@archbiocides.com
Web site: www.archbiocides.com

Proxel BZ Plus Preservative
This unique combination of Proxel preservatives and Omadine microstats offers a dual mode of action for inhibiting microbial growth in latex emulsions, water-based paints, adhesives and pigment dispersions. Other features include color stable formulations, dual-action protection, zero VOCs, CMIT/MIT and formaldehyde free, long term preservation and broad spectrum activity.


Memphis, TN
(901) 278-0330
Fax: (901) 276-5343
E-mail: knetix@buckman.com
Web site: www.buckman.com

Bubreak 4553
Bubreak 4553 is a water-based defoamer effective in providing excellent defoaming and knockdown in inks, coatings, slurries, tint pastes, emulsion and water-based alkyd resins. It contains zero VOCs and no hydrocarbons. Burbreak 4553 is kosher certified and is approved for use under 175.150 and 176.170 of the U.S. FDA.

Butrol 9149
Butrol 9149 is a multifuntional pigment for use in coatings as a corrosion inhibitor, tannin stain blocker, flame retardant and ultraviolet light stabilizer. It can be used in a wide variety of colors, whites and clears. Butrol 9149 is approved for use under 21 CFR  176.180 of the U.S. FDA.


Wallingford, CT
(203) 265-2086
Fax: (203) 284-9158
E-mail: cs.usa@byk.com
Web site: www.byk.com/additives
Additives Offered: Compounds, adhesives and sealants, PVC, paper coatings, printing inks, can and coil coatings, wood and furniture coatings, industrial coatings, polyurethane foams, pigment concentrates, powder coatings, ambient curing resins, architectural coatings, thermoplastics, automotive
The matting of high solids and UV coatings requires some effort. To ease the procedure, BYK developed a new wetting and dispersing additive called DisperBYK-2008. Its CPT based design ensures significant viscosity reduction, compatibility with many different monomers and polymers, and high efficiency even at low dosage levels.


Cincinnati, OH
(800) 254-1029; (513) 482-3000
Web site: www.cognis.com

DSX 3291
DSX 3291 is a VOC-free, APEO-free, solvent free, heavy metal and odor free, ultra-efficient associative thickener for green water-based coatings. It allows thick coatings to be easily sprayed. Performance highlights include excellent low shear viscosity builder, easy handling, easy incorporation without high shear mixing, superior sag resistance for thick coatings, lower viscosity-drop-on-tinting.

DSX 3121
DSX 3121 is a VOC-free, Newtonian (ICI) associative thickener exceeding benchmark HEUR technology in performance and efficiency. It is designed for a new class of latexes used in very low VOC paints. Excellent for high shear viscosity build for one-coat coverage while enhancing low shear performance for superior sag resistance.

Cray Valley

Paris, France
(+33) 1 479698 50
Fax: (+33) 1 479699 81
E-mail: neil.tariq@crayvalley.com
Web site: www.crayvallac.com
Additives Offered: Rheology, surface and low and levelling modifiers for solvent-based, solvent-free and waterborne applications.

Crayvallac LA-150
NMP-free pourable urea-based liquid rheology modifier for post addition. Designed for high to medium polarity systems.

Crayvallac LA-350
NMP-free pourable urea-based liquid rheology modifier for post addition to waterborne systems.

Cytec Industries Inc.

West Paterson, NJ
(973) 357-3193, (800) 652-6013
Fax: (973) 357-3050
E-mail: custinfo@cytec.com
Web site: www.cytec.com
Additives Offered: Additol, Cycat and Modaflow coatings additives help formulators optimize performance, paint processing, appearance, application and stability.

Additol XW 6535
The universal, ultra low VOC pigment grinding medium for both waterborne and solventborne coatings used in decorative and light industrial coatings, Additol XW 6535 addresses the needs for a truly universal pigment concentrate system that sustains the properties of the original coating. Tinting pastes made with Additol XW 6535 are used in both point-of-sale and factory tinting machines. Applications in all decorative, DIY and light industrial coatings enable processing flexibility and economic advantages.

Additol XL 6526
The new benchmark in flow and leveling for transportation coatings, Additol XL 6526 is a 100% solids additive for high solids acrylic clear coats and topcoats used in automotive, refinish and heavy equipment. It has the unique combination of effectiveness at low dosage and compatibility. At just 0.1% on formulation, it allows for extremely smooth, defect-free, orange peel-free coatings without sacrificing recoatability and adhesion.

Dow Coating Materials

Philadelphia, PA
(440) 777-8525
Fax: (440) 777-8630
Web site: www.dow.com/coating
Additives Offered: Dow Coating Materials provides a wide range of innovative specialty additives to the coatings industry, including rheology modifiers, thickeners, dispersants and opaque polymers.

Tamol 2002 Dispersant
Tamol 2002 dispersant is a high-performance hydrophobic copolymer for semi-gloss and gloss paints. It is supplied as an emulsion, free of any APEO surfactants. It provides excellent gloss potential, good corrosion resistance, compatibility with reactive pigments and is highly compatible with Acrysol HEUR rheology modifiers.

Evonik-Tego Coating Additives & Specialty Resins

Hopewell, VA
(800) 446-1809
Fax: (804) 541-6290
E-mail: frances.eggleston@evonik.com
Web site: www.tego.us

Tego Dispers 670
Tego Dispers 670, a low viscosity liquid is a 40% active, high molecular weight polymer that is added to the grind before dispersion. It is suitable for pigment grinding on three roll mills or media mills; added to the grind at levels of 5-40% as supplied, calculated on pigment type and total pigment weight.

Evonik Tego Chemie GmbH

Essen, Germany
+49 201 173 2222
Fax: +49 201 173 1939
E-mail: info-tego@evonik.com
Web site: www.tego.de
Additives Offered: Anti-graffiti additives, adhesion promoters, deaerators, defoamers, hydrophobing agents, multi-functional additives, substrate wetting additives, surface control additives, radiation-curable, wetting and dispersing additives

Tego Airex 944
A powerful deaerator for use in emission-free coatings fulfills criteria of AgBB with regards to volatile organic components from building materials, has excellent performance with a variety of polyols and isocyanates, is also highly suitable for solvent-free epoxy floor coatings, high solids alkyd coatings and is easily recoatable.

Tego Dispers 670
Best performance in solventborne e.g. high-solids formulations, recommended for all kinds of pigments. Effective reduction of mill-based viscosities, high pigment loading with excellent stabilization are achieved as well. Extremely low yield points with pigment dispersions based on Tego Dispers 670 in combination with superior color strength development.


Hammond, IN
(219) 933-1560
Fax: (219) 933-1580
E-mail: techservice@halox.com
Web site: www.halox.com
Additives Offered: Corrosion inhibitors and tannin stain inhibitors

Halox 550
A breakthrough sol-gel technology that delivers outstanding corrosion protection in thin film coatings (<25 microns): waterborne and solventborne finishes, gloss DTM, conventional primers, acrylic clear coats, fast drying lacquers, wash primers, anti-fingerprint and conversion coatings. Halox 550 forms a clear network and a non-porous, hydrophobic, dense barrier at the metal surface.

Halox 550 WF
A water-free version of Halox 550. Halox 550 WF promotes adhesion and protects metal from corrosion and offers more versatility in solvent-based coatings. It shows undeniable success in many systems such as water reducible alkyds, high gloss acrylics, solventborne polyurethanes, clear coats and polyurethane dispersions.

King Industries

Norwalk, CT
(203) 866-5551
Fax: (203) 866-1268
E-mail: info@kingindustries.com
Web site: www.kingindustries.com
Additives Offered: Nacure and K-Cure acid and blocked acid catalysts for thermoset systems, K-KAT catalysts for urethane systems, Nacure Super Catalysts for epoxies, K-Flex resin modifiers, Nacorr rust and corrosion inhibitors, K-SPERSE dispersants, K-STAY rheology modifiers and Disparlon thixotropes and surface control additives.

K-STAY 511
New K-STAY 511 is a multipurpose, liquid rheology modifier for pigmented solvent-based systems. It is highly efficient at low dosage levels improving pigment suspension and sag control. It is effective in a wide range of resin systems including acrylics, polyesters, urethanes, alkyds and epoxies.

NACURE XC-181 is a new latent catalyst based on an alkylaromatic sulfonic acid. It is designed for use in higher bake amino crosslinked systems such as coil coatings and metal decorating. It offers excellent overbake resistance for topcoat applications and reduces solvent pop/blistering.

Lanxess Corp.

Pittsburgh, PA
(412) 809-1000
E-mail: info@lanxess.com
Web site: www.us.lanxess.com
Additives Offered: Adhesion promoters, algicides, antioxidants, anti-rust agents, anti-settling agents, bactericides, biocides for in-can and dry-film preservation, including formaldehyde-free, VOC-free and low VOC active ingredients and formulations, catalysts, corrosion inhibitors, fillers, flame retardants, fungicides, mildewcides, plasticizers, water treatment chemicals

Preventol P 91
This biocide is a VOC-free synergistic blend of Bronopol and smaller percentages of CMIT/MIT. Preventol P 91 is effective against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, including sulfate-reducing, anaerobic types. Also effective at preventing formation of biofilms and slime deposits. Product can be used in water-based paints and other emulsion systems, adhesives, pigment and mineral slurries, concrete admixtures, printing inks, metal working fluids and other applications.

Lubrizol Advanced Materials Inc.

Cleveland, OH
(800) 380-5397
Fax: (216) 447-5238
E-mail: coatings@lubrizol.com
Web site: www.lubrizolcoatings.com
Additives Offered: Surface modifiers, hyperdispersants, rheology control agents

Solsperse 32600 Hyperdispersant
Ideal for solvent-based automotive and industrial paints, Solsperse 32600 is a 40% active polymeric dispersant that improves pigment dispersion and stability in liquid organic media. In addition, Solsperse 32600 reduces VOCs in high solids coatings and provides superior gloss with reduced haze.

Solsperse 46000 Hyperdispersant
Ideal for water-based automotive and industrial paints and water-based inks. Solsperse 46000 is a 50% active APE-free polymeric dispersant in water that improves pigment dispersion and stability in aqueous paints and inks. It provides highly pigmented resin-free dispersions and compatibility with a wide range of binders.

Ruetgers Germany GmbH

Duisburg, Germany
+49 203 4296 02
Fax: +49 203 4296 762
E-mail: harze@ruetgers-group.com
Web site: www.novares.de
Additives Offered: Novares hydrocarbon resins

Sartomer Company, Inc.

Exton, PA
Fax: (610) 363-4140
E-mail: contact@sartomer.com
Web site: www.sartomer.com
Additives Offered: Monomers, oligomers, hydrocarbon resins, photoinitiators, styrene maleic anhydride resins

CN293 Acrylated Polyester Oligomer
Hexafunctional oligomer that demonstrates good pigment wetting and fast cure response. Excellent in abrasion-resistant coatings.

CD587 Monomer
Long-chain aliphatic monomer that is free-radical curable and suited to hydrophobic coatings and plastic coatings.

Troy Corporation

Florham Park, NJ
(973) 443-4200
Fax: (973) 443-0853
E-mail: marketing@troycorp.com
Web site: www.troycorp.com

Troysol LAC
Troysol LAC is a superior substrate wetting additive for aqueous coatings. This product is particularly effective in wetting low energy and contaminated surfaces, without causing undesired fisheyes and other problems. Troysol LAC eliminates surface defects, improves adhesion, gloss, flow and leveling and color acceptance.

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