International Paint launches new universal primer range

February 8, 2010

International Paint has introduced a new range of universal primers for the newbuilding market to address the productivity, regulatory, performance and commercial needs of shipyards and ship owners alike. The goal was to help ship builders and owners better choose how they meet productivity and performance targets and comply with the Inter­national Maritime Organization’s Per­formance Standard for Protective Coatings (PSPC) and new regional regulations limiting VOC emissions, such as the EU’s Solvents Emissions Directive.
New Intershield 300HS, is a high solids version of the market leading technology which offers 78% volume solids, lower VOC and application direct from the can without thinning. With the aluminium content maintained >9%, Intershield 300HS will continue to deliver the same corrosion control the shipping industry has come to expect.  Currently available in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) and available worldwide mid 2010.   
New Intergard 7600 is a light colored, pure epoxy universal primer providing good abrasion resistance. It offers excellent application properties, low temperature workability and true long term overcoating intervals with no requirement for surface roughening. Currently available in EMEA and ISEAC (India, South East Asia and China).
Intergard 787 is a high, 80% volume solids light colored aluminium pure epoxy coating with good corrosion protection and abrasion resistance. Inter­gard 787 can help meet the environmental challenge on VOC emissions and has an excellent track record in Korean newbuilding. Currently available in Korea.
New Intergard 5600 and Intergard 5620 complete the range. These light colored, epoxy universal primers have evolved from Intergard 403 and Intergard 423 technology. These products have excellent sprayability all year round and have proven long term anticorrosive performance with an extensive track record. Currently available in EMEA and ISEAC.

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