Sherwin-Williams New Chemically-Resistant Cor-Cote HB Urethane

February 8, 2010

Sherwin-Williams has introduced Cor-Cote HB Urethane, offering the industry’s most rapid return to service for the assets of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment facilities, including clarifiers, settling tanks, wet wells and grit chambers, the company said. It can be applied on both concrete and steel substrates. The low-VOC (<250 g/L) product is specially formulated to resist H2S gas permeation and microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC). Reinforced with micaceous iron oxide (MIOx), Cor-Cote HB Urethane also delivers high abrasion resistance, increased film integrity and superior edge retention qualities. With a low temperature cure at 20º F and application in conditions up to 85% relative humidity, coating contractors will have more painting days available with Cor-Cote HB Urethane.