March 16, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,479,177 B2
Henkel AG & Co. has obtained a patent for a composition for forming a combined conversion and lubricating coating on a metal substrate with which the composition is brought into contact. The composition is comprised of at least one oxyethylated aliphatic alcohol whose aliphatic hydrocarbon moiety contains 18 or more carbon atoms in an amount of approximately 0.5-15% weight of the composition; dissolved phosphate anions having a concentration of at least 0.2% weight and not more than 20% weight of the composition; and a component selected from the group consisting of lithium salts, sodium salts, and potassium salts of fatty organic acids, wherein anions of the fatty organic acids include at least 10 carbon atoms, and cations are selected from the group consisting of sodium, lithium, and potassium; the component present in an amount, measured as its stoichiometric equivalent as lithium stearate with the stoichiometry being based on equal numbers of carboxylate anions, such that the component has a ratio to the at least one oxyethylated aliphatic alcohol that is at least 0.2:1.0 and not more than 10:1.0.