DIC Patents an Aqueous Coating Composition

June 1, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,649,041 B2
DIC Corporation has received a patent for an aqueous coating composition comprised of a hydrophilic cationic polymer (A) which is selected from the group consisting of polyvinylamine, polyallylamine, polyethyleneimine, and polypropyleneimine, and of which an amino group is protonated by an acid;  nonionic polyalcohol (B); a silane compound (C) being at least one selected from the group consisting of tetraalkoxysilanes and trialkoxysilanes; and water (D), wherein the mass ratio ((A)+(B))/(C) between the total of the hydrophilic cationic polymer (A) and the nonionic polyalcohol (B), and the silane compound (C) is in a range from 60/40 to 5/95.