Henkel Patents Adhesive Containing Radial Block Copolymer

June 1, 2010

Patent No. U.S. 7,655,720 B2
Henkel AG & Co. has received a patent for a hot melt adhesive comprised of a radial block copolymer component comprised of (PS-PI-PB)nX wherein PS is polystyrene, PI is polyisoprene and PB is polybutadiene, X is the residue of a multifunctional coupling agent used in the production of the radial block copolymer, and n is equal to or greater than 3 and represents the number of PS-PI-PB arms appended to X, and wherein the styrene content of the radial block copolymer is from approximately 25%-50% weight, a linear triblock copolymer, a tackifying resin, a liquid plasticizer and a wax, wherein, based on the weight of the adhesive composition, the radial block copolymer component is present in amounts of less than 15% weight, the linear triblock copolymer is present in amounts of up to 20% weight, the tackifying resin is present in amounts of from 30%-70% weight the plasticizer is present in amounts of less than 20% weight and the wax is present in amounts of 0%-5% weight, the adhesive being suitable for use as an elastic attachment adhesive.