Resins Suppliers Directory

July 14, 2010

Here is a look at the latest offerings from resins suppliers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Alberdingk Boley, Inc.
Greensboro, NC
(336) 454-5000
Fax: (336) 454-5007
E-mail: infosystem@alberdingkusa.com
Web site: www.alberdingkusa.com
Resins offered: acrylic resins, emulsions, hybrid resins, UV curing resins, urethane/polyurethane resins (water-based)
New Product: LUX 250
Attributes/comments: Alberdingk LUX 250 is a solvent-free hard elastic WB UV curable PUD that is developed for clear and pigmented wood and plastic coatings with excellent scratch resistance and very fast flash-off time. It has excellent chemical and stain resistance.

Andes Chemical Corp.

Doral, FL
(305) 591-5601
Fax: (305) 591-5607
Web site: www.andeschem.com
Resins offered: acrylic resins, acrylic-styrene emulsions, alkyd resins, crosslinking resins, emulsions, epoxy hardeners, epoxy resins,  maleic resins, melamine/melamine-type resins, poly­amide resins, polyester resins,  urethane/polyurethane resins

Celanese Emulsion Polymers
Dallas, TX
(972) 443-4014; (877) 832-7782
Fax: (972) 443-4945
E-mail: infopaints@celanese.com
Web site: www.celanese-emulsions.com
Resins offered: acrylic resins, crosslinking resins, emulsions, vinyl resins
New Product: EcoVAE 401, 405 and 408
Attributes/comments: EcoVAE 401 and 405 demonstrate better scrub resistance then all-acrylic emulsions, further boosting the value proposition of vinyl acetate/ethylene technology in the marketplace. EcoVAE 408 is designed for low odor paint applications with freeze thaw properties.

Double Bond Chemical Industries USA

W. Simsbury, CT
Fax: (860) 408-1216
E-mail: joseph.leon@sbcglobal.net
Web site: www.double-bond-chem.com
Resins offered: uv curing resins
New Product: CN 1686
Attributes/comments: Ultimate an­tioxidant for thermoplastic compounding especially for polyethylene, polypropylene with TPE.

Dow Coating Materials
Philadelphia, PA
(989) 832-1560, (800) 447-4369
Fax: (989) 832-1465
E-mail: custinfogrp@dow.com
Web site: www.dowcoatingmaterials.com
Resins offered: acrylic resins, acrylic-styrene emulsions, cellulose derivatives, emulsions, epoxy hardeners, epoxy  resins, high-solid resins, methacrylic monomers/polymers, urethane / polyurethane resins
New Product: Rhoplex VSR-2015 Binder with Versair Technology
Attributes/comments: Interior Painting with Less Odor. With Versair technology, paint formulators can make informed choices of binders and additives as they develop low-odor coatings without sacrificing performance.

Akron, OH
(330) 734-1223
Fax: (330) 734-1151
E-mail: valerie.bokar@eliokem.com
Web site: www.eliokem.com
Resins offered: acrylic resins, acrylic-styrene emulsions
New Product: Pliotec SA40
Attributes/comments: Pliotec SA40 is an APE-free waterborne, acrylic resin. This resin has excellent adhesion to concrete and can be formulated in coatings with VOC levels less than 100g/L.

Evonik Tego Chemie GmbH
Essen, Germany
Fax: +49(0)201-173-1939
E-mail: info-tego@evonik.com
Web site: www.tego.de
Resins offered: crosslinking resins, emulsions,  epoxy resins, high-solid resins, hybrid resins, polyester resins, silicone polyesters, silicone resins, UV curing resins, urethane/polyurethane resins, water-thinned resins
New product: Tego AddBond 1270
Attributes/comments: Tego AddBond 1270 features excellent improvement of adhesion on metals and plastics, improves anti-corrosion characteristics for solventborne formulations, after neutralization can be used in waterborne formulations and is suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

Georgia-Pacific Chemicals, LLC  
Atlanta, GA
(866) 4GP-CHEM
E-mail: gpchemical@gapac.com
Web site: www.gp/chemical.com
Resins offered: crosslinking resins, epoxy hardeners, high-solid resins, phenolic resins, rosin esters, terpenes

Pittsburgh, PA
(800) 526-9377
E-mail: info@lanxess.com
Web site: www.us.lanxess.com
Resins offered: nylon resins, polyamide resins
Cleveland, OH
(800) 380-5397
E-mail: coatingsexpertcenter@lubrizol.com
Web site: www.lubrizolcoatings.com
New product: Turboset Ultra Pro Self-Crosslinking Polyurethane Dispersion
Attributes/comments: A one-component product, Turboset Ultra Pro waterborne dispersion contains a polymer and crosslinker in one package. Designed to exhibit exceptional floor-wear characteristics, such as black heel mark and scuff resistance, Turboset Ultra Pro is ideal for sports and recreational floors.
Reichhold, Inc.

Research Triangle Park, NC
(919) 990-7500
E-mail: leighann.gibbons@reichhold.com
Web site: www.reichhold.com
Resins offered: alkyd resins, emulsions, natural resins
New product: Beckosol AQ 210
Attributes/comments: Beckosol AQ 210, a new environmentally-friendly and cost effective alkyd latex resins, designed for your metal primer requirements.

Royce International
East Rutherford, N
(516) 367-6298
Fax: (516) 367-6291
E-mail: info@royceintl.com
Web site: www.royceintl.com
Resins offered: epoxy hardeners, epoxy resins, high-solid resins, polyamide resins, polybutadienes, polyethylene resins, polypropylene resins, UV curing resins, urethane lacquers, urethane/polyurethane resins
New product: Low Crystallizable Bisphenol F Liquid Epoxy Resin
Attributes/comments: U.S. manufacturer of epoxy resins and amine curing agents.

Rüetgers Germany GmbH
Duisburg, Germany
+49 203 4296-02
Fax: +49 203 422551
E-mail: resins@ruetgers-group.com
Web site: www.novares.de
Resins offered: hydrocarbon resins
Attributes/comments: Novares hyrdrocarbon resins and modifiers.

Sartomer USA, LLC
Exton, PA
(610) 363-4100, (800) SARTOMER
Fax: (610) 363-4140
E-mail: contact@sartomer.com
Web site: www.sartomer.com
Resins offered: acrylic resins, cross­linking resins, UV curing resins
New product: CN9026
Attributes/comments: Highly functional aliphatic urethane acrylate designed for hardcoats or where additional crosslinking is necessary. It is flexible at higher coat weights and has good hardness and scratch resistance.

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