Radcure Raw Materials and Equipment Directory

August 2, 2010

Here is a look at the latest offerings from radcure raw material suppliers. For more information on the products listed, contact the company directly.

Alberdingk Boley, Inc.
Greensboro, NC USA
Tel: 336-454-5000
Fax: 336-454-5007

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equip­­ment Offered: Alberdingk Boley, Inc. offers water-based UV curable dispersions.

Product Name: LUX 481
Attributes/Comments: Product with outstanding chemical resistance, good surface hardness and high UV-reactivity in clears and pigmented systems.

Product Name: LUX 250
Attributes/Comments: Excellent scratch resistance, excellent chemical and stain resistant UV PUD dispersions. It is a hard-elastic WB PUD that can be used for clear or pigmented coatings on wood and plastics.

BASF Corporation
Wyandotte, MI USA
Tel: 800-231-7868
Fax: 800-392-7429

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equip­ment Offered: Oligomers, photoinitiators, reactive diluents, UV absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers

Product Name: BASF offers a broad portfolio of photoinitiators, reactive diluents, oligomers, and additives that provide additional benefits to your coating products. Our products, marketed under the trade names Darocur, Irgacure, Laromer, and Lucirin, provide many options for you to meet your radcure coating requirements.
Our UV absorbers and hindered amine light stabilizers (HALS), marketed under the trade names Chimassorb and Tinuvin, help keep your products as vibrant as the day they were created by providing excellent performance and photostability.
For help with specific formulation requirements or a complete list of products, please contact your BASF representative.

Wallingford, CT USA
Tel: 203-265-2086
Fax: 203-284-9158

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equip­ment Offered: Additives

Product Name: BYK-1790
Attributes/Comments: Silicone-free defoamer for solvent-free radiation curable systems. Suitable for pigmented and clear coatings. Shows excellent defoaming performance in coatings containing commonly used pigments, extenders and matting agents.

Product Name: DISPERBYK-2008
Attributes/Comments: Wetting and dispersing additive for high solid and solvent-free coating systems. Typical applications are in wood and furniture coatings, industrial coatings and printing inks.

Gelest, Inc.
Morrisville, PA USA
Tel: 215-547-1015
Fax: 215-547-2484

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equipment Offered: Gelest, Inc. develops and manufactures molecular materials that enable your optical, protective, decorative and special purpose coating technologies for enhanced performance on plastics, ceramic, metal, glass, concrete and inorganic mineral surfaces. Our product line includes silane, silicone and metal-organic molecules for: adhesion promotion and crosslinking; improved chemical resistance and corrosion protection; controlling hydrophobicity, hydrophilicity and oleophobicity; rheological aids (improved processing, dispersion, flow).

Hamamatsu Corporation
Bridgewater, NJ USA
Tel: 908-231-0960
Fax: 908-231-1539

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equipment Offered: UV spotlight sources for UV curing

Product Name: LC-L2
Attributes/Comments: The Light­ningcure LC-L2 is a palm-sized UV spotlight source for UV spot curing of adhesives and UV/radcure coatings. Its long-lasting LED generates stable, high-intensity UV light (365 nm) to ensure rapid curing with minimal thermal effects. The LC-L2 includes all required functions for external control.

Product Name: LC-L3
Attributes/Comments: The Light­ningcure LC-L3 UV spotlight source for UV spot curing of adhesives and UV/radcure coatings features 9 LEDs. These long-lasting LEDs generate stable, high-intensity UV light (365 or 385 nm) to ensure rapid curing with minimal thermal effects. Each LED’s light level can be adjusted to create tailored profiles.

Sartomer USA, LLC
Exton, PA USA
Tel: 610-363-4100, 800-SARTOMER
Fax: 610-363-4140

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equipment Offered: Acrylic resins, crosslinking resins, UV curing resins

Product Name: CN9026
Attributes/Comments: Highly functional aliphatic urethane acrylate designed for hardcoats or where additional crosslinking is necessary. It is flexible at higher coat weights and has good hardness and scratch resistance.
Shamrock Technologies, Inc.
Newark, NJ USA
Tel: 973-242-2999
Fax: 973-242-8074

UV/EB Raw Material and/or Equipment Offered: Shamrock Technologies offers a full line of fluoro polymer and wax additives for UV/EB applications. These products include our EverGlide wax emulsions, dispersions and compounds, UltraGlide PTFE dispersions, UltraMatte UV matting agents, as well as our PTFE powders.
Product Name: EverGlide UV 691
Attributes/Comments: EverGlide UV 691 is an oxidized polyethylene in UV monomer (TRPGDA). The small 2-3 micron particle makes this product ideal for thin film applications to provide slip and abrasion resistance while maintaining gloss and clarity.

Product Name: UltraMatte
Attributes/Comments: UltraMatte UV 50-GDA is an innovative 50% polyethylene/silica dispersion in UV monomer that can efficiently matte even thin films with no appreciable effect on viscosity. This product also provides excellent slip, mar resistance and burnish resistance.

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