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Lubrizol launches Turboset Ultra Pro

September 15, 2010

Lubrizol has launched Turboset Ultra Pro self-crosslinking waterborne polyurethane dispersion for use in wood coatings. A one-component product, Turboset Ultra Pro dispersion contains a polymer and crosslinker in one package and delivers all the performance of a two-component system, according to the company. Designed to exhibit exceptional floor-wear characteristics, such as black heel mark and scuff resistance, Turboset Ultra Pro is ideal for sports and recreational floors.  The nano-sized polymer particles in Turboset Ultra Pro urethane dispersion crosslink after application and continue while drying. Turboset Ultra Pro exhibits outstanding long-term dispersion stability in pH ranges from neutral and above. By reducing application time, the formula allows for multiple coats per day. Because addition of crosslinkers is not required, Turboset Ultra Pro has an extended pot life that prolongs the ability to use the material and minimizes unwanted waste. This also eliminates many potential health and environmental hazards, including odor and additional waste. More info: Lubrizol: 800-380-5397; Web: www.lubrizol.com.

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