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DSM Offers a Polyester Resin for Hybrid Powder Coatings

October 5, 2010

DSM Powder Coating Resins has expanded its portfolio of polyester resins for epoxy-free coatings with a new resin in its Uralac Veranda polyester resins range. Uralac Veranda is based on a patented technology and it meets a pressing demand for epoxy-free alternatives to hybrid powder coatings. The new Uralac Veranda P 542 features excellent flow in highly filled coatings and improved processing properties. The product, furthermore, is HAA curable and designed for coating systems that can replace epoxy hybrid systems with an equal or better performing system. Uralac Veranda products provide excellent chemical and staining resistance, good boiling water resistance, as well as improved outdoor durability with reduced yellowing.

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