Mar-Bal, Inc. introduces Thermital composite solution with PVD finishing technology

January 17, 2011

Mar-Bal, Inc., has introduced Thermital, a thermoset composite combined with a PVD finishing technology. With repeatable textures, Thermital offers customizable colors of steel and unlimited glosses. Stainless steel, chrome and brass are some examples of the limitless options for consideration. The PVD process utilized by Mar-Bal is environmentally friendly and considered a ‘green’ application. Additional exterior coatings can be applied to provide for anti-fingerprinting, clean-ability and UV resistance.

Applications for Thermital include appliance handles, control knobs for stoves, oven control panels, washer, dryer and dish washer components, counter top kitchen appliances, under-the-hood automotive and heavy truck parts and numerous opportunities where OEM industrial designers and engineers are looking for a cost-effective, performance exceeding and aesthetic alternative to metals.