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Songwon launches new additive formulations

January 20, 2011

Songwon, an additives supplier to the polymer industry, has developed a new and innovative range of high heat, low color distortation, and low emission additive formulations for thermoplastics which deliver significant benefits to compounders, molders and end-users, according to the company. Market demands for improved performance and durability in end-use applications have driven the requirements for absolute service life and average operating temperature to new levels. Existing systems based on phenolic antioxidants and thioesters are in danger of not meeting the more recent extended requirements. For materials such as filled or unfilled polypropylene (PP), typically injection molded in thicker wall sections, the need for increased properties and longer life cycles are becoming a constant factor. More info: Songwon Indsutries, 1 877 SONGWON; 281-648 -1585; Fax: 713-456-1812; E-mail: jmcginley@songwonind.com; Web: www.songwonind.com.

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