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March 10, 2011

Here is a look at the latest offerings from select testing equipment manufacturers. For more information on the products listed, please contact the company directly.

Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC
Chicago, IL
Phone: 773-327-4520
Fax: 773-327-5787
E-mail: info@atlas-mts.com
Web: www.atlas-mts.com

Product name: New Specimen Holders

Attributes/Comments: Atlas has developed revolutionary sample holders to accommodate a wide range of specimen sizes and thicknesses, and reduce the rack-loading time by more than 50 percent. Loading samples is now safer and more ergonomic and can be used on any Ci Series instrument.

Product name: New Sealed Lamp

Attributes/Comments: The Sealed Lamp can be used with Ci35/Ci65/Ci65A and Ci40000 Weather-Ometers. Sold as one component, no assembly or disassembly is required. Less handling means improved repeatability, decreased failures and no disruptions prior to the 2,000-hour lifetime of the lamp assembly.

Arizona Instrument LLC
Chandler, AZ
Phone: 602-470-1414
Fax: 602-281-1744
E-mail: sales@azin.com
Web: www.azic.com

Product name: Computrac Max 4000 XL

Attributes/Comments: High performance, rapid loss on drying, accurate results in minutes, suitable for use with ASTM Method: D7232-06.

Brookfield Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
Middleboro, MA
Phone: 508-946-6200
Fax: 508-946-6262
E-mail: sales@engineering.com
Web: www.brookfieldengineering.com

Product name: CAP 2000+ Cone and Plate Viscometer

Attributes/Comments: The CAP 2000+ Viscometer is ideal for testing at high shear rates, providing valuable information on flow behavior, ensuring that each batch will meet the requirements of the application. This instrument offers expanded temperature/viscosity ranges with variable speed capability.

Product name: DV-II+Pro Extra Viscometer

Attributes/Comments: Brookfield’s DV-II+Pro Extra is its most popular and versatile viscometer. Ball bearing spindle coupling boosts productivity and quick action lab stand allows users to easily move the viscometer up/down the stand with a press of a button.

ChemInstruments, Inc.
Fairfield, OH
Phone: 513-860-15998
Fax: 513-860-1597
Web: www.cheminstruments.com

Product name: ChemInstruments COF-1000 Coefficient of Friction Tester

Attributes/Comments: This easy-to-setup and use platform provides automatically calculated static and kinetic coefficient of friction values at the completion of each test. The COF-1000 is designed to meet or exceed numerous coefficient of friction test methods, including ASTM D1894.

Product name: ChemInstruments CAM-Plus Contact Angle Meter

Attributes/Comments: Reliable surface energy measurement plus easy-to-use features make the ChemInstruments CAM-Plus contact angle meter an ideal testing machine. A patented “half angle” measurement method eliminates the difficulties associated with tangent angle measurement methods.

CSM Instruments, Inc.
Needham, MA
Phone: 781-444-2250
Fax: 781-444-2251
E-mail: usinfo@csm-instruments.com
Web: www.csm-instruments

Product name: CSM Instruments Nanoindentation Tester 2 (NHT2)

Attributes/Comments: The NHT2 has the advantage of being extremely compact and specifically designed for mechanical hardness testing. It can be configured with different motorized or manual sample stages in order to match your characterization needs to your budget.

Product name:  CSM Instruments Nano Trbometer 2 (NTR2)

Attributes/Comments: The NTR2 is unique due to its low load range down to 50µN. It performs both the linear reciprocating and rotating mode. Also, it stops automatically when the coefficient of friction reaches a threshold value or when a specified number of turns are reached.

Hoover Color Corp.
Hiwassee, VA
Phone: 540-980-7233
Fax: 540-980-8781
E-mail: hoover@hoovercolor.com
Web site: www.hoovercolor.com

Product name: Hoover Automatic Muller

Attributes/Comments: Pigment mulling with the Hoover automatic muller is easy accurate and uniform. It is recognized in both ASTM and ISO standards as an approved way to prepare samples for color evaluation. The Muller is used universally throughout the pigment, ink, coatings, cosmetic, plastic and electronic industries.

Little Joe Industries
Hillsborough, NJ
Phone: 908-359-5213
Fax: 908-359-5724
Email: info@littlejoe.com
Web: www.littlejoe.com

Product name: ADM-2 Automatic Draw Down Machine

Attributes/Comments: The ADM-2 removes operator variables from using grind gages.  Scraper angle, force and speed are tightly controlled compared to manual operation. The ADM-2 is multi-speed with scraper speeds of one to ten seconds to meet the needs of any lab. The ADM-2 guarantees conformance to ASTM D 1316 and ASTM D 1210 for proper use of a grind gage.

Taber Industries
North Tonawanda, NY
Phone: 716-694-4000
Fax: 716-694-1450
E-mail: sales@taberindustries.com
Web: www.taberindustries.com

Product name: Reciprocating Abraser – Model 5900

Attributes/Comments: The Taber Reciprocating Abraser (Abrader) – Model 5900 offers versatility for evaluating physical surface damage on painted surfaces. Using optional attachments, the instrument can be configured to evaluate the relative resistance or susceptibility to wear and abrasion, rub, scratch , mar, gouge, scrape, plus others. A tool holder is mounted to a counterbalanced arm and remains stationary as a sliding specimen platform moves in a horizontal, reciprocating motion. Testing loads and adjustable speed permit testing for a variety of coatings.

Product name: Oscillating Abrasion Tester – Model 6100

Attributes/Comments: The Taber Oscillating Test – Model 6100 is best known as an oscillating sand tester. Described in ASTM F735 (Standard for Abrasion Resistance of Transparent Plastics and Coatings Using the Oscillating Sand Method), the oscillating sand tester is used to measure the relative abrasion resistance of a material to surface abrasion and/or marring. The primary application of the Oscillating Sand Abrasion Tester is for transparent materials and coatings utilized in windows and lenses, but it might also be used to evaluate organic paint and coatings, plastics, metals and other materials.

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