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PPG publishes ULTRA-Cool coatings brochure

April 7, 2011

PPG Industries’ coil and extrusion coatings group has published a brochure highlighting colorful Duranar ULTRA-Cool and SUPERL II ULTRA-Cool infrared-reflective coatings for metal roofs, sidewalls and building components. The six-page booklet quantifies the energy and environmental benefits associated with ULTRACool coatings, which are designed to deflect solar heat away from buildings so they stay cooler and use less energy for air conditioning. Duranar ULTRA-Cool coatings are available in a broad palette of light and dark colors, enabling architects to design bold, distinctive buildings without sacrificing energy performance. The brochure also features Duranar VARI-COOL coatings, the first metal coatings to combine ULTRA-Cool coatings technology with special-effect pigments that change color depending on how light refracts off their surface and the angle from which they are viewed, the company said. Duranar ULTRA-Cool and Duranar VARI-Cool coatings are based on the Duranar PVDF coating system by PPG, which has a 40-year history of performance in harsh building environments. The coatings also meet steep-slope, cool roof requirements for Energy Star Title 24 and LEED criteria published by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). Superl II ULTRA-Cool coatings are formulated with a proprietary silicone-polyester resin technology that provides chalk- and fade-resistance. To download a copy of the ULTRA-Cool coatings brochure, visit

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