Whitford breaks new ground with Xylan HB

April 5, 2011

Xylan HB has been introduced by Whitford. According to the company, new Xylan HB answers a problem that has been the nemesis of the liquid fluoropolymer coating applicator since nonstick coatings were launched in the middle 1950s: How does one achieve good film integrity at film thicknesses over 25 microns (1 mil) without having such severe problems as stress cracking, mud cracking, low density, porosity and non-uniformity? The manufacturer of a complete line of fluoropolymer coatings says Xylan HB waterborne coatings can be applied at films to 75 microns (3 mils) with one cure. Even thicker films (up to 125 microns/5 mils) are possible with longer-than-normal cure cycles.
Depending upon the specific application conditions, the oven ramp-up or flash time should be extended to assure removal of all volatiles. Xylan HB is a good alternative to PFA powder. It has excellent release characteristics and, because of its ability to form thick films, it is ideal for applications with rough surfaces from commercial waffle irons to molds that are recycled repeatedly. Due to its ability to be applied as a thick film, Xylan HB offers extended wear characteristics, simply as a result of the added durability afforded by the thicker film. And all formulae are FDA-compliant. Fluoropolymers are high-performance plastic materials used primarily in performance-critical applications in defense-related industries and in automotive, aerospace, electronics, telecommunications, chemical, medical and many other industries. In spite of their diverse uses, the average consumer knows these coatings primarily as the “nonstick” part of a fry pan.