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Michelman offers NatureShield oil emulsions for wood stains

April 5, 2011

NatureShield is a new line of environmentally friendly, water-repellent additives for interior and exterior wood, stone and concrete coatings from Michelman. All are emulsions of natural oils and waxes that provide excellent water resistance and water beading when used in coatings, stains and sealants, according to the company. NatureShield 30 is an emulsion of tung oil that provides a tough, highly water-resistant finish that does not darken noticeably. It produces water beading and hold out in exterior wood stains and sealants, and is also used because of its light golden tint. When used in coatings for stone surfaces, it provides durability and a desirable “wet” look when dry. NatureShield 31 is an anionic emulsion of natural oils and waxes that provides water resistance and water beading in topical wood coatings. It helps prevent wood from swelling in the presence of water, and is typically used in wood stains and sealants. NatureShield 40 is a film-forming natural oil emulsion used to provide water resistance inboth wood and concrete coatings as well as moderate scratch and mar resistance.

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