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SunGEM effect pigments expanded for use in the automotive industry

May 9, 2011

Sun Chemical Performance Pigments has introduced weather resistant grades to its SunGEM pearlescent effect pigment line, making this latest extension of the product range applicable to the automotive industry and other exterior coatings formulations. Automotive designers who use SunGEM effect pigments can choose from 10 pigment shades of high chroma color and pearlescent luster. The product range expands the realm of color and design by exhibiting deep tones, rich hues, excellent opacity and exceptional sparkle, along with magnetic alignment properties that bring colorful three-dimensional effects to their coatings and end use applications, according to the company. The SunGEM pearlescent effect pigments line comes in 10 color shades including: Light Silver, Gold/Taupe Interference, Orange, Deep Violet, Rich Blue, Gold/Turquoise Interference, Green, Rich Gold/Green Interference, Dark Silver and Cherry Red.

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