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Industrial paints and varnishes market poised to grow in Europe

June 16, 2011

According to Oliver Kutsch, chief executive officer of Ceresana Research, the paints and varnish industrial segment is poised to increase to €27.7 billion over the next seven years. The products prevent homes, vehicles and other valuable assets from corroding or aging. The institute that conducts market surveys is putting together a report on this segment in Europe.

The report says that the transport segment represents less than eight percent of the paint and varnish market, but adds to nearly 15 percent of its value. Poised to grow comfortably are car series paints, refinish coatings and ship paints. The segment of industrial varnishes in Russia, Poland and Turkey occupys second position. Countries in Western Europe like the Netherlands are estimated to grow more than 1.6 percent annually. Powder coatings, acryl varnishes and epoxy-based products are also increasing in significance.

The share of the building and construction industry is expected to dip to 56 percent by 2018 from 59 percent in 2002. Dispersion paints sales are however looking up in Eastern Europe.

Most products are solvent-free and eco-friendly and are ideal for steel containers or to be applied as internal coatings. This reduces VOC emissions. Many companies are endeavoring to develop products with special features including nanotechnology in antibacterial coatings, which require self-cleaning.

The report also includes an analysis of various coating products in 30 European countries for products in terms of demand and supply, import, export and revenue. All application fields have been studied individually, including construction, wood processing and transport, plastics coatings, varnishes to prevent corrosion, and ceramics and glass coatings. Volume II carries a catalogue profiling 138 producers.

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