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Eastman launches Solus performance additive for waterborne coatings systems

June 16, 2011

Eastman Chemical Company has introduced its newest Solus performance additive, Solus 3050, specifically engineered to help formulators meet VOC, performance and productivity goals in waterborne coatings systems. Derived from natural and renewable cellulose material, Solus 3050 can be used in the automotive, industrial metal and consumer electronics coatings markets. Performance benefits include smoother finish, optimal metallic flake control, better redissolve/strike-in resistance, superior flow and leveling, improved atomization, and greater adhesion to galvanized steel, according to the company. Solus 3050 also enables faster dry time and early hardness, application consistency over varying climatic conditions, improved wetting, increased sag resistance, and it enhances flexibility in aluminum flake selection.