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Nova Paint Club tackles economic challenges at Lisbon meeting

July 12, 2011

CIN, Iberia’s largest paint group, hosted the latest Nova Paint Club meeting, held April 26 – May 1 in Lisbon, Portugal. The meeting brought together the marketing directors from the member companies and their board representatives to discuss the critical issues facing the global paint industry.

The Nova Paint Club draws its members from 11 companies operating in more than 90 countries. The meeting included a keynote presentation from Tobias Lewe and his colleagues from A T Keaney. Lewe provided an insightful overview of the performance of the global paint market during the economic crisis. In addition, the marketing directors received information from key vendors on innovations including new color mixing systems and specialized packaging.

“This conference has given us the chance to discuss the impact of the global economic crisis on our sector,” said Joao Serrenho, president of CIN and current president of Nova. “Working in collaboration, we have looked at new initiatives which will help us deal with both the threats and opportunities that this unprecedented situation offers the industry.”

The next meeting of the Nova Paint Club will take place in October 2011 in London and will be held together with a meeting of Nova’s technical directors.

The Nova Paint Club is an international organization founded in 1983 to provide a framework for leading global independent paint companies to benefit from exchanges of technical information, technology and expertise in all areas of their operations.