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Emerald Performance Materials offers antifoam products for low-VOC coatings

July 13, 2011

Emerald Performance Materials Specialties Group has launched two new defoamers, Foam Blast 290 and Foam Blast 331, for use in low-VOC architectural and industrial coatings, adhesives and other latex polymer applications. These products are effective, low- or zero-VOC, alkyl phenol ethoxylate (APE)-free defoamers that are compatible with a full range of coatings formulations from flat to high gloss, clear and pigmented systems. Foam Blast 290, an organically modified low-VOC silicone defoamer, is effective in combating foam over time, while retaining gloss and clarity in clear coat systems and paints. Foam Blast 331, a fortified mineral oil-based zero-VOC product, offers excellent initial and long-term foam control. Both products are compatible in a wide range of polymers and coatings and are effective in both the high sheer grind and low sheer let down stage.