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Nubiola launches heat resistant yellow iron oxide Nubifer Y-7050

July 27, 2011

High performance pigment can provide dull yellow color in cost effective manner.

Nubiola, headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, has introduced Nubifer Y-7050, a heat resistant yellow iron oxide, which is produced in its facilities in Colombia. The enhanced heat fastness of the new Nubifer Y-7050 allows for its use in many plastics and heat-sensitive coatings applications, the company said. Other features include light and weather fastness, high opacity and ease to disperse. Nubifer Y-7050 is a high performance pigment suited to provide dull yellow/beige coloration in a cost-effective way as well as to be combined with expensive organic pigments to reduce the cost of coloration in a formula, the company said. Nubiola Colombia has been part of the Nubiola Group since 1969. The Girardota plant is one of its largest manufacturing sites. Products made there are not only distributed in Latin America but also all around the world. Visit www.nubiola.com for more information.

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