DuPont patents windshield coatings

October 6, 2011

Patent No. US2011000816
Durable automotive windshield coating and the use thereof (is directed to a kit for rendering a glass surface water repellent. This invention is particularly directed to a kit for coating a windshield of a vehicle to render the windshield water repellent. The kit comprises (A) a coating composition consisting essentially of a) at least one perfluoroalkyltrichlorosilane selected from compounds having the general formula Rf-(CH ) -SiCl wherein, Rf is a perfluoroalkyl radical group having 3 through 18 alkyl carbon atoms; b) a 2 2 3 perfluoropolyether carboxylic acid; and c) at least one fluorinated solvent. and (B) an applicator for applying said coating composition over said surface).