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Huntsman to raise multifunctional epoxy resins capacity

September 20, 2011

Increased capacity will serve aerospace and composite industries.

Huntsman Corporation has expanded multifunctional resins capacity at its McIntosh, Ala. site to serve its customers in the aerospace and composite industries. Huntsman Advanced Materials, one of the global market leaders in multifunctional epoxy resins, has invested significantly during 2011, expanding its capacity and capability to produce multifunctional epoxy resins both in the U.S. and in Europe by doubling the capacity at its Monthey, Switzerland facility and enhancing its current capability to produce purified resins at its McIntosh site. Once completed, the new line will further boost global production of all types of multifunctional epoxy resins. "Demand for multifunctional epoxy resins, as a replacement for aluminum and other materials and the forecasted needs of the aerospace industry are major factors influencing this decision," said James Huntsman, president, Advanced Materials Division.