Cortec launches Ecoline coatings

October 18, 2011

Cortec Corporation has introduced Ecoline 3220 and Ecoline 3690 coatings. Both are biobased and biodegradable coatings, developed to replace traditional oil-based rust preventatives, and are designed for extended temporary protection of multimetals. If needed they can be removed using a biobased Ecoline Surface Cleaner/Degreaser, eliminating expensive disposal costs associated with oils, the company said. Ecoline 3220/3690 are improved replacements for flammable solvents and petroleum-based products, and conform to NACE Standard RP0487-2000.

Ecoline  3220 is a canola oil-based addition to Cortec's biodegradable line of products made with renewable resources. It is a ready-to use temporary coating that offers a film which clings to metal surfaces, providing contact corrosion protection in storage and shipment. In addition Ecoline 3220 provides long lasting vapor corrosion inhibition, as well as balance of corrosion protection and lubrication. It is intended for indoor or sheltered protection for up to two years.

Ecoline 3690 offers an open air corrosion protection and is can serve as a replacement for more expensive solvent-based rust preventatives. Made from renewable materials and containing canola oil as a carrier, it has good thermostability and no effect on rubber, plastics or paints. This coating is designed for marine and high humidity conditions. The film is self-healing and moisture-displacing, providing protection against aggressive environments.

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