Jotun launches Jotomastic 90 for corrosion resistance applications

October 20, 2011

Jotun has introduced Jotamastic 90, one of the most technologically advanced surface tolerant repair and maintenance primers in the market, the company said. Jotamastic 90 is a highly durable coating featuring benefits such as corrosion resistance, shorter overcoating intervals, wider topcoat compatibility and increased color flexibility using Jotun's Multi Colour Industry (MCI) tinting system. The new generation product has exceptional corrosion resistance and is suitable for the most severe environments. It has reduced drying time by up to 40 percent compared to existing products, thus reducing downtime and overcoating intervals. Jotamastic 90 offers compatibility with most topcoats, including polysiloxanes and two-component acrylics. The multicolor possibility of Jotamastic 90 also proves significant improvement of hiding power for strong colored topcoats. Improved wetting and penetrating abilities also give better intercoat adhesion. Jotamastic 90 can be used over most generic types of coatings and within the Jotamastic range, solutions can be tailored to specific requirements for exposure and durability.