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Wacker presents novel VAE dispersion for high performance coatings

December 19, 2011

Wacker has introduced a novel dispersion specifically developed for high performance architectural coatings. The new Vinnapas EF8300 is a vinyl acetate-ethylene-based copolymer (VAE) characterized by excellent performance properties, including good block resistance, scrub resistance and wet adhesion to alkyd substrates. Further, the new dispersion has a reduced environmental impact, as it is manufactured without the use of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEOs) and formaldehyde donors, and enables formulations with lower solvent levels. This makes Vinnapas EF8300 ideal for formulating high performance interior coatings at low levels of VOCs.

Specifically designed for the requirements of interior architectural coatings formulations, the new Vinnapas EF8300 offers high performance, a reduced environmental impact and a cost-competitive alternative to existing coatings based on vinyl acrylic, pure acrylics or vinyl acrylic/acrylic blends. The new product is an aqueous copolymer dispersion based on vinyl acetate and ethylene. It has a low glass transition temperature (Tg) and minimum film formation temperature (MFFT), which provide the polymer with a very low to no co-solvent demand for proper film formation.

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